How To Optimize Adsense Ads To Increase Revenue

Google Adsense Ads

The first step after making a blog is to monetize it. Most bloggers connect with Google Adsense as it provides great earnings. After connecting with adsense you can earn money.

On What Factors does Adsense Revenue Depends?

Basically adsense revenue depends on many factors including CTR rate i.e. click through rate that should not be more than 10%. Here I will only talk blout CPC i.e. cost per click. That means how much google pays me for each click. Higher the CPC rate more will be the revenue.

How much does Adsense Pays Per 1000 View?

This question is quite interesting. As it’s value is is different for each blogger. If you have 500 visitors and CTR is 2% then for every 500 visitors you will get 10 clicks. Now if you are having CPC of 0.50$ then for 500 visitors you will get 5$ i.e. 10$ for 1000 visitors. It all depends upon CTR and CPC. For developing countries, the CPC is around 0.01$ to 0.10$ for most bloggers and it can be upto 0.30$ . For developed countries the CPC is around 0.15$ to 50$. So, if you are getting your traffic from developed countries you will be having high CPC.

How Google Displays Ads to User?

Google displays ads based on according to 2 categories-

  • Cookies Based

Cookies are the temporary files stored on any particular computer according to search activity of user. So, Google displays ads according to the user’s interest in a particular niche that is found by cookies data.

  • Blog Content Based

The google examines the content in a particular niche and displays ads accordingly. So, as that particular user will have interest in that particular niche who have visited the site.

Does Theme of My Blog Effects My Revenue?

Ofcourse yes, theme should be perfect and professional. As Google will place ads according to dynamic environment of the website and send ads accordingly. So, for high CPC ads theme should be good.

What are Types of Ads?

  1. Video Ads- They are in the form of video. Have the highest CPC.
  2. Image Ads- They are in the form of image. It will give you good revenue in all
  3. Text Ads- That are in the form of text. It is having the lowest CPC.

How use of Plugins Help in Getting high CPC?

If you have monetize your blog/site. Then you must have implemented the adsense code in your blog. Then it somewhat suffers the pagespeed insights of your site. The adsense uses javascript. Never use any plugin what can prevent javascript execution as javascript execution takes time to load.

How to Write Blog for Getting high CPC?

Write rich content. Visit Everything about Blog to get full information.

How much Ads should you use in One Page to get high CPC ads?

It is the thought if many people that including many ads will result in high revenue. Basically you should avoid using overuse of ad display code. Maximum you can use 3 in one page. If you are using high quantity of ads then look will be poor full of ads. Try to have minimal quantity to get high quality ads.

This is all about increasing the ad revenue. Hope this will help you a lot. Oboxiee will continue to make such articles. Thank you.


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