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Are you in search of how to write an essay which can get you best feedback? Or are you worried about where to start?

For many students, it is challenging to craft essay structure. Lack of time and insufficient knowledge might create a hindrance in your writing. Most students find it boring and don’t know how to write an essay that stands out among others.

Essay writing is a kind of assignment that college and university students assign from their professors. No wonder! Essay writing is a daunting task. Especially! When you lack creative writing skills and don’t enjoy writing lengthy essays at all.

Students struggle when it comes to writing essays. It requires planning, structuring, and references to craft a compelling essay. However, students turn to essay writing services to seek essay help from them. Knowing how to write an essay is a skill that helps you in many ways. It makes you capable of constructing an essay by organizing different ideas and thoughts. Many students aren’t aware of the basic steps of essay writing. Follow these essay steps to write an effective piece of content.

Steps of how to write an essay

Essay writing seems challenging to many students. However, one can excel in this skill by following a proper format and essay steps. The best practice is to break it into chunks to make things easy. Below are the valuable and efficient steps of how to write an essay:

Topic selection: You might have assigned a topic to write about. Sometimes your professors ask you to choose the topic themselves. If you have assigned a topic think about it: how you can write an essay on that topic. If you have a choice of selecting a topic yourself, you have to do some extra work. But still, you have the opportunity to choose the topic of your choice instead of getting bound to the particular topic you don’t like. Importantly, decide the objective and start doing research based on your objective. The purpose of the essay is to convince your reader through arguments.

Create an outline: Another essay step is to draft an outline. Crafting an outline acts as a plan to build your essay. Firstly, structure ideas that come to your mind before writing. Secondly, note down those ideas on paper and try to create the link between ideas. Try to build the road map. For your road map, write the topic at the top of the page. Think about the arguments and viewpoints that you want to write about in that essay. This practice will let you craft a well-structured essay.

Write an introduction: It is the first and most important paragraph of the essay. The introductory paragraph tells the reader about the theme of the essay. While writing the introduction, think from the reader’s perspective. Think about how you can engage the reader and build his interest. Start your paragraph with catchy lines to grab your reader’s attention. 

Main body: After the introduction, next comes themain body of your essay. This part has to be informative and detailed. Present your arguments and discuss each idea separately. Start with the topic sentence and end with the concluding sentence. In between the first and last sentence present your arguments with the proper justification. In addition to this, give as much evidence as you can to support your arguments.

Write a conclusion: Like an introduction, a conclusion also deserves special attention. It is the ending or last paragraph of your essay. Hence, it should create the last impression on the reader’s mind.

Essay structure and format

Up till now, I have shared some essay steps that you can follow to draft an impassive piece of paper. As a student, you also need to consider how to craft an essay structure. Here I am sharing a perfect plan to draft an essay structure.

  • The best way to structure your essay is to write in the form of paragraphs. Every paragraph must justify the main idea or theme of the essay. It is advisable to discuss one idea in each passage. 
  • Start your essay with an engaging introduction, then support your introductory part with supportive arguments and information. In between the body text, use transition words such as: besides, moreover, furthermore, additionally, likewise to create links between the sentences. Lastly, end each passage with the concluding sentence.
  • The Concluding sentence is a rephrased form of the introductory sentence. Use the transition words like inshort, lastly, hence, therefor, and briefly to conclude your point.

Essay writing tips

Students who face trouble while writing an essay may look for essay writing tips online. The writing tips that essay help services provide assist many students in crafting an essay. If you are facing the same problem, follow these writing tips and write your essay on your own:

Brainstorm your ideas to write an essay

An effective writing tip is to brainstorm your ideas before writing. You can’t write about something if you don’t have ideas about what to write.

  • Note down everything that comes to your mind.
  • Write your topic at the center of the paper and relate your topics with some other ideas. It is what we call clustering or mind mapping.
  • It helps you to recognize the numerous aspects of your topic.

Topic researchwhile you write an essay

Once you have donethe brainstorming, thenext writing tip is to do in-depth research about the topic. Gather the needed information from a reliable and authentic resource. You can even interview the people to collect the information. 

Don’t copy the content

It is an effective guideline that students might come across while they search for writing tips online. Gather the material from online sources. Read it thoroughly and produce the content in your wording. If you want to impress your professors, adopt the habit of writing on your own. 

Check grammar and spelling

Once you have done with the essay writing, reread it and find the errors and mistakes in your writing. When you write in flow, errors are bound to happen. Therefore, it is crucial to check the spelling, grammar, and sentence structure mistakes.

Few final words

If your teacher has assigned another essay to write, don’t panic about how to write an essay. Students get stressed and think: who will do my essay. Some get assistance from online essay help services. In this blog, I have already mentioned the essay steps that you can follow to draft an excellent essay. In addition to this, I have described the way how you can structure essays and some of the effective writing tips that help you in crafting a compelling essay.


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