5 Tips about Wear Floral Patterns in Menswear

Floral Patterns

Floral pattern fabrics have become increasingly popular. Traditionally, it’s not part of this men’s style canon. Now that doesn’t mean that you should never wear florals because they can be incorporated into a classic wardrobe in a tasteful way but it’s not always easy.

Here are 5 ways to incorporate floral patterns into your wardrobe, as well as the do’s and don’ts.

  1. First of all, don’t wear floral patterns out of season because it is specifically something for spring and summer. The other winter, a gentleman wearing a really flowery shirt on a pink background in the midst of winter and just looked entirely out of place.
  2. Do wear floral accessories throughout the year if they are subtle. Yes, this is an exception to number one but as with any good rule, there’s always an exception. Now, if you have floral patterns that are very subtle, you can wear them maybe even in the winter, even though still think they probably look better in the summer.

A good example of a floral item that you can wear year-round is a pocket square, because it often times comes in Paisley patterns or playful patterns. It’s not always easily discernible as a floral and because of that, you can incorporate it year-round.

3. Tweed is traditionally a country fabric that is rich in colors and patterns and as such, it would clash with a floral pattern that is likewise really bold and vivid and comes in many different colors.

4. Do wear just one or two floral patterns at a time. If you have a more subtle pattern, such as this tie, you can combine it with another more subtle pattern that’s just a pocket square.

Also, don’t mix a floral pattern with another bold pattern such as a Glen check or astrong rope stripe because it’s just over to the top and the other person doesn’t know where to look at first.

5. When in doubt, opt for smaller floral patterns because they’re always more easy to combine in a harmonious way into your outfit than those big bold patterns.

For example, this tie here is very neutral and it could be just like a summery paisley tie. Suggesting you don’t wear big floral patterns because otherwise, you look more like wallpaper. The only exceptions to those rules are likely swim trunks which are known for big orchid prints or for some people even Hawaiian shirts.

Now, this brings us to our next point,

What are the Five Best Ways to Wear Floral Patterns?

  • The easiest way is to wear it in a swim trunk. Because it’s a very casual garment, you only wear it when it’s warm outside, when it’s summery then it’s a perfect time to wear florals. It’s definitely fun and playful but at the same time, smaller flower petals in swim trunks are easier to pull off than those big chunky contrasting ones.
  • The second easiest way to incorporate florals into a classic men’s wardrobe is with a pocket square. Pocket squares are traditionally printed and so are most floral patterns. Also, pocket squares are often a little louder than their neck tie counter parts and so people are in general, more used to louder pocket squares and also to patterned pocket squares and when you fold a pocket square, the floral print may not always be immediately discernible which makes it very easy to wear.
  • The third easiest way to incorporate florals is by wearing socks. In recent years, crazy socks have become really popular and whether you should wear them in general or not is something are discussing in this blog here.
  • If you want to incorporate florals, socks are a good way. Again, if you keep smaller patterns, maybe on a darker ground such as Navy so you can wear it with navy pants.
  • On the flip side, if you were a really bold flowery sock, it’s really difficult to combine with a classic men’s wardrobe that makes you look more like a clown than a well-dressed gentleman.
  • Wear floral patterns is through ties. Neckties are a classic staple of a man’s wardrobe yet in recent years, they’ve become increasingly unpopular. If you don’t want to go with classic stripes or maybe checks, you can add a little casualness to your outfit by going with florals in your neckwear.
  • That being said, most florals out there are really crazy, in my opinion, and so they don’t lend themselves to a more neutral office appropriate outfit.
  • On the other hand, if you go with something more subtle like this one here in pastel tones with a small floral pattern, it’s not even discernible as such from afar and therefore, office appropriate for more casual office environments. Definitely stay clear of any striped suit or any other bold pattern on your jacket.
  • A really popular way to wear florals has been shirts. Even though some people wear short-sleeved shirts with floral prints, Suggesting you stick with button-down shirts with long-sleeve shirts because that’s traditionally part of a classic man’s wardrobe.
  • If you take a pattern that’s out there, at least, stick with a classic cut. Also, if you want a floral shirt, I suggest to go with something that has a white or light pink background and little flowery items rather than an all-over floral print shirt because that just looks a little weird with a navy blazer or a business suit.
  • Now if you like the idea of flowers but you find the printed floral patterns over-the-top, think about a traditional boutonniere which is the lapel flower that is worn through your lapel buttonhole.

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