Walmart Affiliate Program – Reviews, News and Ratings

Walmart Affiliate Program

Associate retailing has transformed into one of the best online earning ways right now. This way of earning is practised by content writers and online marketers who earn by incorporating more bodies with the products or assistance of a selective website.

The objective is the advertisement of the services or commodities made by a certain company and you get your payment for promoting them.

According to experts, there are four different parties which are involved in associate marketing which are the vendor, the system, the content maker, and the buyer.

The vendor is the person or the company which is the originator, the retailer, the name which owns the product and wants to promote it.

The associate party can be a single individual or whole corporation, which elevates one or multiplied products and tries to lure potential buyers.

The customer or buyers are the ones who execute the exchange working while the system serves as the intermediary connection among the vendor and the associate.

Walmart is an online product selling market which is one of the biggest and has thousands of products to be sold. It brings you the Walmart affiliate program which lends you earn money by the promotion or advertisement of their products using their names and links.

The process is very uncomplicated, which enables you to sell the products with ease. Walmart pays you a certain amount of the products you have sold or which are sold because of your blogs, article, website etc.

Walmart provides its associates with ease rendering them multiple facilitating options such as:

Walmart SDK

This tool provided by Walmart will help you with your blogs and writings as it would let you embed the product link into a “Buy Now” option which will ensure that you are going to get the appropriate traffic for the products to be bought.

WordPress Plugin

This tool makes it very much easier to provide links in your blogs or articles if you are using WordPress yo write them.

This plugin will provide you with the links of the products already connected to your website which will save time and effort for you and you would not have to do that again.

Chrome Extension

Walmart has a chrome extension which enables you to get to search the highest selling products without any excess efforts.

This again saves a lot of time for you and you can get paid more because you will be writing more about the products which are a part of the majority’s interest.


According to the majority of the reviews, it is proven that Walmart associates program is better than the one which is provided to you by Amazon because the Walmart renders you with more tools than Amazon does.

And the reason for this comparison is that Amazon has only one competitor which is Walmart. It completely depends upon you and what you wish to earn.


The Walmart affiliate program is way more facilitating than any other affiliate program. But the rating is still down because fro every sale they pay you a 4% amount of the product’s actual cost which is very less for every individual.

This results in people ratings are lower than the other affiliate programs.


The news for you is that Walmart affiliates have also been making $1000 a month! This is great for the people who are going to start earning from affiliation businesses.

Although, the rates Walmart provides you are not too high but when you are discussing the number one market in the US then things GOP differently.


It completely depends upon you to select from all the affiliate programs available out there but do take your decisions wisely. We hope this guide will help you when you build your online earning business.

We tried our best to provide you with all the possible details about the Walmart affiliate program and the facilities you may get if you select this option for the online earning including the reviews, ratings, and news.


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