Top Tips to Hire Content Marketing Agency in Boston

content marketing agency Boston

It is a well-known adage that ‘content is king’. Be it for social media marketing, SEO, or content marketing; high-quality content is highly desirable. Well-written, engaging and information-rich content is one’s best bet to gain top position in search result pages of search engines like Google.

Most companies do well by outsourcing their content creation and marketing work to specialized content marketing agency Boston. The fact is, 90% of companies market themselves with content, 80% of netizens discover a company through content, and 70% of consumers connect with a company via content marketing.

Picking a compatible content marketing partner is a tough challenge as so many marketing companies are out there. There are scenarios where brands change their content marketing partners, frequently citing mismatch or quality issues and contrarily, the case where brands stay loyal with their content marketing partner for several years.

To work magic, one must find the right partner who knows the way to deliver what one’s brand needs and what is desired by one’s customers. Following are some tips to hire the right agency:


Apart from lack of time, the major reason for seeking out a content marketing agency/ company is because they provide expertise. Expertise comes in various forms:

Expertise in subject matter and niche

Select a company that is knowledgeable about one’s niche. For instance, if one is a SaaS company, it is good to hire a highly familiar company with SaaS and knows the insides and outsides of selling software as a service. If not, the content created will not be worth it, and one will have a tough time communicating with them about the intricacies of the product since they don’t have experience working with such companies.

Case studies and previous work

These are obvious points but are often ignored. While selecting a content marketing company to outsource content creation, one must devote time to review their previous work as digital marketing services usa.

If they hesitate to offer samples of previous work, it may imply that they are new in this field or are not proud of what they have accomplished. Some companies may have samples of previous work on their websites, while others furnish them on request. The latter is understandable as some companies wish to keep their projects confidential.

While studying case studies, ascertain whether they can accomplish the results one desires and have worked with a similar company. It is vital that they prove a link between the agency’s efforts and actual results, making case studies highly valuable. So, while hiring an agency, take time to read their case studies and always rely on their proven track record.

SEO skillset

A huge part of SEO depends on well-written content, and a major part of content marketing is optimizing the content created for search engines. Always select a content marketing agency that has deep experience with SEO.

Authentic specialization in content

Currently, there are several digital marketing agencies, web development companies, and SEO agencies that claim to be content creators. But in reality, their main focus is not on content, and they do not have a devoted team to understand one’s requirements and deliver suitably. For instance, one can go wrong by hiring an agency that is specialized mainly in web designing.

To ascertain whether the agency has the expertise in content creation, one can provide them with a sample assignment to complete. This will reveal whether the agency is trustworthy. Also, note that not all content marketing agencies are adept at all kinds of content projects and so, one must consider their previous projects and portfolio. For instance, if one wants a white paper, it is not wise to hire an agency specializing in SEO.

Ability to generate 360-degree content

As regards content, it simply does not refer to only blogs and articles. The different forms of content include case studies, videos, infographics, memes, white papers, e-books, emails, podcasts, presentations, and many more. Brands typically use a combination of various formats of content for effective conveying of the message.

Hence, before hiring a content marketing partner, ascertain whether they can deal with 360-degree content covering multiple content formats. Also, the agency must be able to advise one on which formats will work optimally for one’s business and in which channels should content be distributed.

Accolades in the industry

Since the world is teeming with content marketing agencies, it could be reassuring to go for one that has won awards or accolades. In this way, one will know that the agency has been acknowledged for its services and quality by astute authorities. The agency will thus have a proven track record, and one can rely on them for great content that is delivered in a timely manner.

Trustworthiness and transparency

One must run far away if one gets the slightest hint that a content-marketing agency is not completely upfront. After all, the world of digital marketing is filled with horror stories.

Transparency is vital for finding a high-quality partner for content marketing. This involves transparency in areas like previous projects, the current pricing model, and any conflicts of interest. So, choose an agency that is transparent, honest, and up-front.

Solid workflows

Any worthwhile content marketing agency that offers Digital Marketing agency Boston MA will have a firmly embedded set of workflows, procedures, systems, and processes. Over the years, the best agency has developed such features and is continually revising them as per the constantly changing digital landscape.

In sum, after knowing such aspects to consider for hiring a Boston content marketing,  it is time to make a decision. One must first acknowledge the fact that the process is never going to be easy. But with the right approach, one can never go wrong.


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