15 Tips for A Successful Marriage Life

Tips for A Successful Marriage Life

They both were deeply in love with each other. They get married, and then they lived happily ever after! Almost every love story has this ending. But is this a reality? We all dream of happy marriage life, but unfortunately, it becomes a nightmare for many!

Instead of being a harmonious journey, for many, marriages become a suffocating tournure they have to carry throughout life. The marriage success ratio is decreasing every day and its alarming situation for every couple.

Today, let’s talk about elements that are essential for this heavenly bond. Let’s check out a few key factors which can be master tips for successful marriage life.

Trust each other

Trust creates a base for any good relationship unless you trust your spouse, you can not accept him or her wholeheartedly. By entrusting your partner, you are already assuring them that you are with them even if they get stuck somewhere in life, you will hold their hand, and you both will face the bad times together.

Communication is the key

Maintaining Open and transparent communication throughout the married life is a sure-shot to enjoy the warm bond forever. How relaxing it is when you can share everything with your spouse without any filters! Any couple who can listen-accept each other without being judgemental will never feel insecure and emotionally drained!

Accept the vulnerability

No one in the world is perfect. It is of utmost essential to embrace each other’s flaws. Allow being vulnerable, to open those unhealed scars, to show those tender spots where your partner is struggling from his childhood. Unmasking the real self, uncovering childhood traumas to your partner is the way to intimate, soulful connection.

Check Your Compatibility

Before getting married, you must test how compatible you both are. To enjoy a blissful married life, you both should be adaptable to each other. An excellent way to do it is by Kundali matching. It helps to understand the person and foresee his life journey.

Set and Maintain Boundaries

This is only possible when you know your compatibility. Once you complete your horoscope matching, you know the life path of each other. You both can set healthy boundaries to enjoy your own space. Overlapping or denying such personal boundaries may lead to losing individuality.

Stop Puppet-ing Each Other

A nagging, controlling partner is a headache to another one. Emotional manipulation, dramatizing every little issue, or making them a puppet for you -is a big-time turn off for happy marriage life. Allow them their free will, and you will set them on ease to hang around you for a lifetime.

Never take it as taken for granted

Frequent acknowledgments are highly needed to keep someone motivated. Don’t you know this? You do it with your employees in the workplace. But what about your spouse? They are taking care of your every little need. Never take it for granted, instead compliment them for their efforts.

Be Responsible

When two people unite, ideally, they should share every responsibility for each other. Pay bills on time, take charge to bring vegetables, do your laundry -be responsible, and act mature. Your spouse is not your baby sitter!

Define Fighting Rules

Ok, this one might sound strange, but it is crucial. Every marriage faces ugly fights in their journey. But there are ways to fight. When you are angry, you often speak things which you actually do not mean. While arguing, sometimes a person recalls all the past issues, and then they fight over and over again on the problems which are already locked in the past !! Define your fighting rules. It will help you fight in the right direction.

Forgive and let it go

Learn to let go of all the negative feelings, experiences. Happy marriage life needs constant refreshing air. Holding on to old grudges may lead to a toxic relationship. Forgive the mistakes of your partner.

Keep the fire on

Life is full of unfair deals and setbacks. Your bond, your journey should not reflect the same! Keep it romantic, funny, and fresh. Keep seducing each other, keep on laughing on silly pranks together, Learn to befriend each other for a lifetime.

Respect each other

Partners who know how to earn each other’s respect will never separate. Learn to respect each other’s decisions and feelings. Also, respect relatives and friends of each other.

Enjoy occasional breaks

Working hard for goals is good, but spending some quality time is a relationship fuel. Take a vacation, have a party with friends. It can be even better if you take a break from each other. Go out with your girl gang, or a man can have a blast with his old buddies. Escaping the routine and infusing new vibe is key to a happy relationship.

Achieve the couple goals

A happy couple feeds on positive challenges. Making a couple – goal and achieving it brings out the best from both of the partners. In most of the marriages, couple spirit or relationship sparks fade away by the time. Setting a couple-goal can hook you both in inspiring ways.

Be Compassionate

We all face problems and hardships. Life is not kind and easy. As a partner, at least you should be sympathetic to your loved ones. They may have their own struggles. Be kind enough to nurture and cozy enough to allow them to grow.

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Now that tips for successful marriage life have disclosed, you must execute it well! Mignon McLaughlin says, A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person! Wear your heart on the sleeve and love your spouse unconditionally.

As a concluding thought, I am sharing a bonus tip! Be wise and go for horoscope matching, once you decide to get married. It will well-assure you about your marriage journey.


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