Things You Must Know About Video Marketing Benefits

Video Marketing Tips

Research shows that consumer internet video currently dominates the internet by 80% and it is still growing. The main reason for this is that videos are more comprehensive when delivering a message. It can use verbal, visual, and even emotional expression in one package.

In short, videos can be simple and straightforward messengers if done properly. They compile a good amount of information, even in a few seconds or minutes. A great explainer video production can improve convincing power, especially when used as a video marketing campaign.

In this article, we will help you understand things you must know about Video Marketing that any company can utilize to boost sales and company growth in half the time.

Videos Hypnotize People

In Google terms, the longer the visitors stay on a website, the better the ranking it gets from search engines. In layman’s term, if a website can keep visitors longer, that means that the website will appear on the first page of search results in no time.

It is true that written materials are still good content, but video content has that hypnotizing effect. It stops an audience from scrolling and spends precious time to finish watching the video presentation on a website.

If videos have that magnetic effect on people’s attention, then that is all the more reason for companies to maximize their potential. Create video presentations on top of articles and banners that are already present in your company’s portfolio.

Videos Get Consumed Faster

Another point is that written articles require word for word understanding when being read. It is a fact that reading is a slow process for a lot of people. But with videos, it plays and sends the message almost instantly.
With videos, you could cram that many details into one minute or even less. That is because words, illustrations, and actions can go side by side in a single short video.

Most people do not spend a lot of time for reading. They prefer short one-liner punch lines, and if it does not sound interesting, the rest of the article will be for nothing. That would be such a waste of time, space, and money, especially on a financial standpoint.

So what your marketing department needs is an effective quick release presentation that gets any audience hooked. Invest the marketing budget on explainer video production that is trending and makes people tick. That is the safest and easiest way to reaching that monthly quota.

Videos Work Perfectly with Mobile Devices

Here is a simple fact that you can understand easily. When a person wants to know something, that person automatically reaches out for a mobile device. This happens more naturally when outdoor.

With mobile devices having small screens, watching videos is more effective than reading long articles online. Videos are more searchable too. When it comes to formatting, videos are easier fitting than texts on smartphone screens. It just shows videos are going to be a bigger factor in the future over other media avenues.

Smartphones are already the dominant devices worldwide, so it is safe to say that videos will be the next king of content in the coming years if it has not happened yet.

Videos Hook Even Lazy Buyers

Similar to a point explained earlier about videos being fast to consume, videos appeal even to the laziest buyers. Most online users just scan and scroll through a page. That leads to a ton of information being ignored inside every page.

With videos, hit them with a good intro and the scanning and scrolling stops. There is that brief moment where a video advertisement or a video presentation can convert a lazy visitor to a buyer.

In business, you often get only one shot to a potential customer. Giving them a long and boring speech will most likely put them off. Most customers have no time to listen for too long or walk around to look for what they want. So to fix this issue, provide them the right short video presentation that is both entertaining and convincing to turn them into a sure buyer.

Videos are Better Ads

Social media, like Facebook and YouTube, offer non-skippable ads. These videos typically run around 5-30 seconds at most.

Studies show that non-skippable ads have a higher retention rate to consumers up to 92%. Use that marketing with videos, and you get more engagement than usual. Plus, videos ensure better brand recall. So a customer may not buy now, but he or she will surely remember the brand when the right time comes.

The click-through-rate of video ads rose to 1.84% for the last months, which puts it to the highest CTR rate ever of all media formats. If that is not clear enough, it means higher revenue if a company pursues this kind of marketing strategy.

Videos Get More Social Shares

Videos are everywhere, whether it’s for fun, advertisement, or tutorial stuff. As a great example, YouTube videos get shares on almost all media platforms. The most popular ones are Twitter and Facebook.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allow native video uploading too. If a company wants to maximize network and reach, putting videos all over these social sites will significantly boost exposure in an exponential way.

And if the video has the right blend of information and entertainment, expect it to get viral all over the internet even outside the known social network. It is just a matter of using the right weapon to hit all the right nerves.

Online Videos are Closer to the Buy Button

TV ads are great in their own time, but since the age of the internet, online video ads are simply way profitable. After a video is watched, a customer can immediately hit the “Buy” button and not waste more time compared to TV ads.

If videos are quick to relay a message and convince a customer, wouldn’t it make more sense to put that “Buy” button closer before a change of mind occurs? This is just a simple strategy, but sadly, not all businesses know how to maximize the potential of using videos for their marketing campaign.


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