Tips About Long Tunic Tops To Wear with Leggings

Long Tunic Tops to Wear with Leggings

From full figures to pear shapes to petites, no matter which part of your body you’re trying to emphasize (or hide), a long tunic top is guaranteed to be your best friend. The real magic of a sophisticated yet comfortable style is that it’s flattering for any body type.

Follow these tips to find the perfect tunic for an easy and elegant look any day of the week.

When you’re picking out a tunic top, remember the garments intended design. Tunic tops are supposed to be flowy and comfortable to give your look an ethereal, effortless sort of elegance. That said, there is such a thing as too comfortable.

If you have a rather straight or petite figure, avoid overly baggy tunics that lack form, unless you plan to add it in yourself. A shapeless tunic on a body without too many dramatic curves will drown you out.

Instead, choose a tunic that tapers in the middle. These work well with hourglass body types as well because they accentuate your natural figure. Asymmetrical tunics will also help to create the illusion of shape as they draw the eye across the garment. Petite ladies should take note not to choose an empire waist, however, as it is better suited to pear-shapes.

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If you are carrying a lot more shape in your waist and hips, that puts you on the opposite side of the spectrum. You’ll want to watch out for tunic tops that aren’t baggy enough, particularly ones that don’t flare enough at the bottom. The point is to be flowy and free, not pulled taught. If you’re having trouble finding a tunic top with enough billow, go for one with split sides to maintain the loose and breezy look.

There are ways to change the shape of your tunic, of course. Oversized tunics with wide belts cinching around the middle make for an especially flowy silhouette that’s form-fitting and flattering on top and billowy around the waist.

For this look, be sure to choose a more organic looking belt like a braided rope belt, and wrap it higher on your torso than you would a pants belt.

V-neck tunic tops will balance out the flowing bottom and draw the eye up toward the face. These are perfect if you are afraid of overemphasizing your waist. Statement necklaces can also balance the weight of the look.


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