Planning A Wedding Event? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

Wedding Event Planner

Weddings are the super special occasion that every bride or groom craves to be just perfect. But planning a wedding itself is quite an overwhelming task and you can well imagine how stressful it is to organise it in an absolutely perfect manner.

But with the help of expert tips, you can know how to plan a wedding in a smooth-sailing way. While planning a wedding, understand that there are some pieces of information that are nice to know and some that you need to know.

Wedding Event Planner

If you are about to organise a wedding here are some indispensable planning tips mentioned below. Just take a look.

Budget is the First Thing to Set

The weddings can be very expensive and like every other thing you may want to add additional items as the event date closes in that were not involved in your initial budget. That is why you must make a budget and stick to it. If you think that items can pop up at the last minute before the wedding, try to include them in your budget as well from the very beginning. Try not to exceed the budget from day one. Suppose if you overspend on one item try to cut off some other item from the list. Try to be flexible and prioritise the must-have items and the big-spend items first on the budget as those have to paid off as posed to the wish-list items that can be left out if the need arises.

Know the Vendors

You should be meticulous in hiring the vendors. When you are seeking out vendors yourself, ensure that you find a list of references and also a contact list. Apart from that, also have a back-up list of vendors just in case you need it. You should always try to work with the trusted vendors and have them meet your timeline and also overcommunicate till you exchange the vows.

Sort Out the Guest List

You should get a grip on the number of guests that you will invite prior to settling. This will make sure that there is ample space for the crew. You should allow 25-30 square feet per guest and take this as a rule of thumb. This may seem to be a lot but it is not really. Count the space that you need for the tables, the waiters, the dance floor and the band before deciding the guest list.

Design with Quality

You may have several designs in your mind that you use for events on a yearly basis and if one emerges in your mind for a wedding, be sure to reach out and as for the professional help for designing the invitations, signs and save the dates. There is nothing more special than a creative wedding set with unique twists for flaunting the style and character of the happy couple.

Anticipate Challenges

No wedding, no matter how well-planned, has ever come out perfect. So expect the unexpected and something to go unplanned. In that case if you’re the groom or the bride, you can expect someone (if you have a coordinator) to jump in and save the day or let it roll off the back. However, triple check your checklist as day-logistics can and often get overlooked. Weddings are not for the faint-hearted and so be sure to stay on the feet and when the issues arise handle assertively and take control even if you do not succeed.

Afterall, it is your wedding and so try to enjoy every moment and don’t miss spending time with yourself as well as family and friends. You should also take out time to spend with your significant other. Remember memories leading to the big day is as significant as the special day itself and you must make the most of this period.


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