Essential Tips for Best AV Equipment Hire

AV Equipment Hire

Hiring the best AV company is vital for the success of all events. An experienced AV rental company will get rid of all the hassles involved in AV equipment hire and ensure that all the equipment works. During the presentation of the event, the AV company will ensure that clients can easily operate all equipment in working condition.

While selecting the best AV hire company, the following tips will prove useful:

Know your budget

This is the first tip: you must be sure about your AV hire budget. Be honest with the AV company about the size of your budget, and how much you are willing to spend. Based on this, the AV company will be able to offer some suggestions. This can help save time for both parties as the hire company will not quote a price package that exceeds the budget. Finally, always communicate clearly with the AV company such that there are no worries about getting the work done.

Select a dedicated company

Next, you must choose a dedicated AV company with a proven track record. Request references and testimonials from previous clients to be sure that they have the expertise required for the job. The chosen AV company must be ready to offer solutions for any doubts and queries after and before the event to ensure that all equipment is running fine.

Seek references

A good AV company will offer a list of previous clients. This will ensure a great experience. In case the AV company is not forthcoming with references, it may not be the right one for the client.

Seek a few references prior to finalizing a contract. Consult previous customers of the company to solicit their opinion about its services. By doing this, you will have an idea about the quality of service provided and decide whether to opt for them in your next event. In case an AV company fails to provide references, don’t waste your money and time on a company that is likely to not deliver good service.

Discuss needs with the company

Besides having a good reputation, the AV company must also meet your budget and needs. It is also crucial that they provide flexible plans for making payments.

Before hiring an AV company, ensure that there is proper communication. Discuss the history of the company and training as well as the experience of staff. Find out how long they have been operating in the business. They must be familiar with the venue where the event is to be held and stick to the budget. This way, they can meet the needs and expectations of the client.

Offer a quote

The right AV company will be ready to offer a quote for the service provided. The company must ask the client a series of questions to know all details of the event to be hosted and equipment for hire, like PA systems for hire. A professional company will have expertise about the equipment required to organize and run an event.

The smooth running of the event

A good AV company will have a portfolio of successful past events like the one which the client is hoping to host. If one is planning a corporate meeting, avoid companies that only have mega conventions in their portfolio. In its place, seek those experienced in small business events. The latter will be able to offer the AV technicians and equipment required to run the event smoothly.

Trained technicians

Besides top equipment, a good AV company will also provide trained staff who will handle all troubleshooting and set-up work for the client. This helps lower any risk of malfunction of equipment. The company will have technicians on hand before, during and after the event. They will help reduce any chance of downtime and enhance the effectiveness of the event.

Negotiate the price

During periods of slow business, you can negotiate a better deal with the company. Additionally, if you regularly host multiple events, you can very well set 3 to 5-year contracts, which helps you enjoy a lower rate while locking the contract for a specific period.

Inspect equipment

Ensure that you inspect the equipment before the hosting of the event. After the technician sets them up, it is vital that the cords and wires are in good working condition and that the visuals and sound are working properly.

Full service

AV equipment companies do more than just offer rental equipment. Professional companies provide total set-up and disassembly services that are convenient for the client. The client will have total peace of mind about the working of AV equipment, all through the start and finish of the event.

In sum, an expert and experienced AV equipment hire company offers more than just arranging AV equipment. A great company has staff that works hard to ensure that the event unfolds exactly how you want it and at a price that can be afforded by the client. Stick to the above tips so everything goes perfectly.

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