Top Tips For Choosing Packaging From A Custom Packaging Supplier

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Initially, the main objective of packaging was to ensure that products were well protected and delivered safely to customers. But this has evolved over the years. Today, packaging serves as a silent salesman that can communicate the company’s values to its customers. As per research, over 70% of consumers view packaging as a vital factor in purchasing decisions.

The importance of great packaging is evident, and a company must select the best packaging from a custom packaging supplier. The following tips will help in the process:

Understand The Nature Of The Company

Before starting the process of designing packaging, the packaging supplier must understand the nature of the company. Packaging has to reflect the image and values of the company. Does the company create products targeting men or women? Does it project a fun picture or a sense of luxury? All these points are vital for selecting the proper packaging, such as cardboard boxes in Sydney.

Take Note Of Practical Factors

Today, custom packaging serves as an enticing factor for consumers, yet at its core, it is meant to facilitate and protect the transport of products. So, if the product requires any practical concerns, it must be accounted for in the design stage. How can the product be opened? Does it carry liquid products that need re-sealing, is the product perishable or microwave friendly, etc.?

High-Quality Packaging

The main focus should be the quality of packaging. One must ensure that the company responsible for the packaging uses effective procedures and processes to maintain, control and calibrate high standards. Do they conduct regular tests, measurements, and inspections of their equipment?

Intuitive Customer Service

Customer service offered by the packaging company must extend beyond meeting your current needs. Seek a packaging company that is devoted to exceeding their clients’ expectations to ensure a successful partnership.

Information Borne By Packaging

The design of the packaging is such that it carries all information that is required by law for the knowledge of customers. It may be suicidal in certain situations to design packaging (for example in the food and pharmaceutical industries) without taking care of all the information that must go on. Information printed on labels is sensitive and might lead to litigation when not dealt with properly.

Information like calories, ingredients, usage instructions, potential side-effects, any warnings, etc., are important information that must be listed on the packaging before being deemed fit by law for consumption. Certain products, like tools packed in cardboard boxes in Sydney may carry instructions on how to use them on their labels.

Know The Mode And Place Of Sale

The packaging needs of products sold offline and online have many differences. Those products sold on store shelves need to be in bright-coloured packaging to catch the eye of customers. Products sold online must have excellent photography for the same reason.

In offline sales, design features that do not permit convenient placement on shelves are discouraged. After all, it may be difficult to stack oddly shaped products on store shelves, but if they are sold online, they will sell well due to the novelty. For instance, products with cylindrical-shaped packages will not sit well on store shelves but may be a hit when sold online.

Great Graphic Designers

Many companies try to cut corners by not hiring the best graphic designers in the market, which might prove expensive.

But the reality is that if graphic designers cannot understand the vision of a company and are not highly creative and skilled at their job, they will not produce packaging that is up to the mark. Graphic designers who communicate well with clients and understand the needs of a product will be ideal for a company. The vital factor is offering all the necessary information to the graphic designer so they can create eye-catching and appealing custom product packaging.

Take Note Of Environmental Impact

The attention of potential customers can be caught by packaging created in eye-catching, bright colours. But today, one factor weighs much more in the eyes of customers. In the current era of environmental consciousness, packaging that cannot be recycled and which causes wastage of ecological resources does not appeal to consumers.

There is much awareness about the harm caused by plastic packaging and packaging that cannot be recycled. If companies ignore this trend, they will tarnish their image and land in hot water. It is best to include green packaging in the design to protect the planet and avoid customers’ wrath.

Know Production Limitations

In the design stage, packaging can appear great, but one must note its impact on the production line when the design needs to be mass-produced. Any mistakes in the practical use of design need to be rectified. Many issues can arise in the practical use of design, like unavailability of colours, need for new machinery, etc., that can cause production delays. So, it is also good to include the production team at the design stage.

In sum, it is good to find a custom packaging supplier that covers all the grounds discussed above to ensure the smooth running of a company’s custom packaging journey.


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