The Importance of Cleanliness in Retail

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Store cleanliness has always been important to customers, but with the pandemic changing the way we define “clean”, stores that prioritize hygiene have had an edge over their competitors. No one wants to step into an outlet where they go to buy their food and other products, to be confronted with dusty shelves, sticky floors and foul odours. Studies conducted by ISSA – The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association have shown that for over 95% of respondents, dirty floors, unclean restrooms and unpleasant odours would affect their shopping decisions and would make them reconsider visiting a store.

When operating a business, the last thing you want is for your store or shop to be associated with a lack of hygiene and cleanliness. Here are a few reasons why hiring commercial cleaning services to maintain a clean retail environment is so necessary for any business:

First Impressions Count

Think about the last time you went to a shopping centre and entered a store where an unpleasant odour seemed to be everpresent. Did you try ignoring the smell and browsed around a bit or did you walk straight out? 64% of shoppers have reported that they left a store without making a purchase due to its poor physical appearance.

First impressions start from the moment the customer decides to enter your store. While they may not be actively looking for dirty store windows, stained floors or poor entryway cleanliness, they will notice it when they see it. An unclean store will not only hurt your bottom line when more and more customers choose to shop at a competitor, but can also turn into a PR nightmare should a customer decide to document the lack of cleanliness.

Reputational Damage

Everyone carries around a smartphone today. All it takes is one viral video of a rat scurrying about to bring a restaurant or food and beverage store to its knees. It can be very difficult to win the trust of your customers again after a PR nightmare, which can further affect your profits and bottom line. Any successful business owner knows that a major part of running a business and making consistent profits is winning customer loyalty, and a clean counter can play a huge part in whether a first-time customer becomes a returning customer.

Over 37% of shoppers report that their store preference depends upon its cleanliness and they would much rather choose a competitor with fewer product choices than return to a store that is perpetually dirty.

Improve Your Bottom Line

It is not just the food and beverage industry that needs to pay close attention to its hygiene practices. Even in retail settings, close attention must be paid to fitting rooms, cash registers, aisles and especially to the restrooms to signal to customers that you value keeping your business clean. A hygienic, sanitary environment also elicits positive feelings in people, making them more likely to make a purchase and spend more at your establishment.

Ever wondered why the biggest and most successful stores and shops always seem so spotless and fragrant? They understand the role a clean retail store plays in furthering their business and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to ensure all stores in their chain are kept tidy at all times.

Meeting Health and Safety Requirements

Under Australian Work Health and Safety (WHS) laws and regulations, as a business owner or manager, it is your responsibility to provide and maintain a work environment that is without risk to the health and safety of your employees. Unclean spaces are breeding grounds for all kinds of germs and bacteria, which could potentially spread disease all through your store, including to your employees and customers.

Especially in times of the pandemic, it is important to provide your employees with a safe working environment by hiring dedicated commercial cleaning services to regularly deep clean the store in addition to having someone on board to take care of everyday, regular cleaning. These individuals will also ensure all sanitiser stations are always stocked, restrooms are kept clean at all times and any messes are quickly cleaned up before they become a hazard.

Some Essential Good Practices

Neglecting the cleanliness of your retail shop could potentially open you up to lawsuits, reputation damage and hurt your profits. If you work in retail, it is best to hire dedicated commercial cleaning providers to conduct regular and deep cleans of your store to ensure the job is done correctly and to the highest standard. These professionals understand how retail settings work, and will work around your opening and closing times so they have a visible presence during peak times but don’t get in the way for deep cleaning activities.


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