10 BigCommerce Apps to Help You Sell More + Increase Customer Lifetime Value Right Now

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Converting your e-commerce platform into a thriving business is a long and difficult journey. It requires determination and hard work to succeed. You can shorten this journey if you play smart. Creating an e-commerce platform and developing it into a successful business are two things. You can achieve both tasks easily.

You need some BigCommerce applications that help you increase your sales and convert your customers into a loyal customer base and increase customer lifetime value. Let’s learn about 10 BigCommerce applications that can help achieve this feat;

1. Fomo

You can impact the buyer decision in a moment if you use this BigCommerce application. It shows real-time reviews and sales to the users exploring your website. It helps in a way by impacting the psychology of the customer.

It shows real-time alerts to the users exploring your site whenever someone purchases a particular product. The person watching the alert gets a trigger from his mind to purchase because naturally, people want to have what others have.

2. Sweet Tooth

An important part of growing your sales is encouraging your previous buyers to purchase more from your website. If you can manage to build a loyal customer base, there’s nothing better than this. Sweet Tooth allows users to create multiple reward programs. Every time a customer makes a purchase, he is awarded points. When the points reach a certain limit, he is awarded a free purchase or discount. The website owner or user of the app can decide the limit of points upon which a customer will be awarded and the points on each purchase.

3. Boost Sales

This app uses up-selling and cross-selling methods to encourage the customer to buy more. It is a popular application used in BigCommerce stores to boost sales and increase customer lifetime value. Boost Sales encourages the users at checkout to buy more to get a discount on the whole purchase.

4. Sales Pop

It is a general phenomenon that people want to buy what others are buying. This application gives alerts to the customers present at your store. The alerts show real-time sales alerts in the form of pop-up notifications. Every e-commerce development agency uses such apps to encourage customers to buy more.

5. Shipper HQ

Most of the customers tend to abandon the cart upon finding the shipping cost of the product. Some customers also face surprise shipping charges when they buy a product from another country.ShipperHQ is a useful app that identifies the IP address of the customer and calculates the shipping cost based on his exact location.ShipperHQ works on specific rules to calculate the shipping cost whether it is a single box or a complete freight.

6. Price Waiter

Bargaining is something missing in the e-commerce business. Customers tend to buy more if a store is offering a discount. If you could enable the customer to bargain the price, then it could potentially increase your sales. PriceWaiter is aBigCommerce application that allows your customers to make an offer. If a customer thinks you’re charging high, then he can make an offer. You can set rules in the background for each product and customers won’t be able to buy a product for less than what you’ve mentioned. Every e-commerce development agency recommends using such apps to create an environment of bargaining for the customers.

7. JustUno

Building an email list is the most important marketing strategy. You can turn your customers into a loyal customer base.JustUno helps to capture the email addresses of the customers. It enables you to set pop-ups, welcome mats, and discount code pop-ups. 

8. Smile.io

A reward program helps to build a strong and loyal customer base. Customers tend to repeat purchases from an online store that offers discounts to returning customers. This goes a long way in building a loyal clientele. Smile.io enables users to set up reward programs for returning customers. Websites that are using smile.io have experienced a 15% increase in their sales and the ratio of returning customers has also gone up.

9. AfterShip

Customers who felt special because of your actions become your lifetime customers. It is important to offer them an experience that turns them into your loyal customer base. AfterShip helps to achieve this by sending updates to the customers. These updates are explicitly related to order status and delivery updates. You can send them SMS and emails.

10. PayWhirl

If you offer a product which is a daily need of people, then there’s a no better option to provide than subscriptions and pre-orders. It creates a high-quality user experience for the customers.

PayWhirlenables the website owners to create subscription plans, payment plans, and recurring billing method. PayWhirl also allows the customers to create a user account and manage their billing plans and view their billing history. It offers several other options including multiple addresses, feature payments, and much more.


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