Wondering How To Make Your Herb Garden? Read This!

Herb Garden

If you’re looking to start an herb garden, it may have been your love of herbs that inspired you. Or perhaps you are an enthusiastic cook, eager to use fresh herbs in your food but tired of running to the grocery store every time you want a fresh herb. Maybe you’ve learned about the many medicinal uses of herbs. Or, of course, you may simply be attracted to the beauty of many of these plants.

Whatever reason prompted you to start an herb garden, it’s a decision you won’t regret. Herbs are easy to grow, and if you provide the conditions they like best, you may be surprised to find them requiring less time than many other plants in your garden.

While the first year may still be a bit hit and miss, it will be a lot easier to learn with herbs. If you’re a beginning gardener, herbs will give you that needed confidence boost to go on and try more demanding plants.

Some things to consider as you start an herb garden are:

What attracts you to herb gardening? Your answer will affect the type of garden you plant as well as the particular herbs included therein. There are culinary, medicinal, aromatic, and ornaments herbs. You could plant them all! But most likely, there’s a preference on your part towards one category over another.

What herb garden design is right for you? There are many options – you can plant a formal herb garden or a themed herb garden. You can design a large garden with aesthetic use of color and paths for strolling among or collecting the herbs.

Is an outdoor garden right for you? An outdoor herb garden will need the right soil, just enough water, and protection from the cold, winter months. Companion plants also come into play with an outdoor garden.

Does an indoor garden better meet your needs? It’s always an option to go with a smaller container garden rather than a large plot in the backyard. Indoor herbs are also very handy, particularly when cooking. Of course, there are different care requirement for soil, water, and light once you move your herb garden into an indoor setting.

Herb gardening can be as extensive as an exclusive medicinal herb garden or as simple as a hedge of lavender. Start an herb garden based on your personal interests and desires. It’s certain to become a cherished investment of time and energy as you learn a new skill. Plus, you’ll love having fresh herbs handy and knowing that you grew them!

Happy gardening!


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