What Are The Top Benefits of a Concrete Underground Tank?

underground concrete water tank

If you are seeking a solution to store drinking water or to harvest stormwater or rainwater, then a robust, long-enduring concrete water reservoir is ideal for setting up one’s property. The best idea is a concrete underground tank.

Concrete tanks for water storage

They refer to traditional systems of water storage built from a long-lasting and strong material, which is concrete. In the current period where plastic is a popular material, investing in concrete water tanks is a superior idea.

When one constructs a concrete tank on one’s property, the temperature of the water is no longer a concern. Generally, the water stored in one’s tank may be regarded as spring water which is highly safe water to drink. Underground water tanks may have high up-front costs but are more cost-effective in the long run.

Traditional concrete water tanks, especially those installed underground, have the following benefits:

Flexibility in design

One of the major impediments to installing underground tanks is the availability of space. When space is limited, above-ground tanks have to be installed on an elevated platform. The better option is an underground concrete water tank. 

Underground tanks made of concrete are highly versatile and can overcome any space issues. Especially, a contractor can shape concrete into any form and tailor make an underground tank to fit any space. For example, if your backyard has an L-shaped form, the contractor can build a water tank that fits the shape of the same.

Low maintenance

With regard to stainless steel tanks, they are created by riveting, bolting, and welding many metal plates together. This implies that tanks comprise of seams that are unbreachable. But in areas of water retaining soil, moisture can wear down the seams gradually. It might permit contaminated groundwater to seep via the joints, rendering stored water unusable. Hence, such tanks need regular maintenance. In contrast, concrete tanks need little maintenance, even in the case of soil that retains moisture. The reason is that such tanks are made waterproof. These tanks use liners or waterproofing fabric to ensure their safety.

Super affordable

Concrete is one of the most effective and cheapest materials in the world of construction. It is found in prolific supply all around the world and is thus, highly cost-effective. In comparison to other materials like steel and plastic, concrete is much more economical with regard to constructing and maintaining.

Hygienic solution

When maintained properly, concrete can keep stored water safe from contaminants like pathogens, bacteria, and scum. Being a poor conductor of heat, concrete can keep water cool throughout the year. One’s family can enjoy safe and natural water from underground concrete water tank.

Highly durable

The option of concrete tanks is highly popular because of their durability. Even with minimal maintenance, it can last for nearly 50 years.

Better taste

The taste of one’s water can be changed by concrete water tanks. Since it does not involve the use of plastic, the water will not taste acidic or bitter or will not be foul smelling.

Improves aesthetics

Since concrete water tanks that are installed underground remain out of sight, they are not an eye sore on one’s property. While being hidden from view, they function as great support for water needs. The property looks beautiful without any jarring features.

Enhances property value

When the property is up for sale, having underground water tank is a sure addition of value. The value of the property is boosted by this useful feature.

In sum, these are some of the benefits of setting up a concrete underground tank on one’s property. But ensure that one does enough research and finds a contractor who is an expert in concrete water tanks.


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