How to get Victory Against COVID-19?

COVID-19 Victory


According to the studies, corona virus is only lives in an active state when it enters a living body, it spreads. Firstly, it affects our respiratory system and then directly and indirectly through mucous, saliva and other body fluids get transmitted to others. After acquiring a host, it will naturally get survival conditions for reproduction. It is also tested on varying temperatures and humidity conditions. But unfortunately, till the date we are not successful in developing a vaccine against it.


  1. Firstly, try to enhance our immune system which proven to be an excellent solution. Our strictest precautions help to defeat this life threaten chain.
  2. Don’t do any act which may causes cough (dry or wet), tiredness, ache, pain, nasal congestion, sore throat and fever like symptoms. For that, be careful what we eat, wear and what we touch.
  3. Properly take care of air which you have to inhale. Everything must be cleaned, accurately dried in sunlight, hygienic and properly cooked.
  4. Try to break the chain of virus which is normally spread from people to people. Make sure-
  5. Lessen the travelling or go to crowded places.
  6. Wear masks and hand gloves when go outside in emergency cases.
  7. Don’t touch your mouth, eyes and nose with your fingers.
  8. If you feel anyone of a symptom then immediately isolate yourself.

It is your major reasonability for the sake of safety of others to immediate inform at COVID center for the test and further process. Don’t worry about the procedure, whole the action is to boast your immune power in order to quickly fight against this virus.

  • In this situation, everyone must have to follow the rule of social-distancing. It is the smart trick to lessen the growth of this demon.
  • Sneezing, coughing, touching and come in contact to other person gives a way to develop the corona virus.
  • If it doesn’t able to acquire any living carrier that it self-loosens its strength. Thoroughly and periodically wash your handswith soap and water or by using hand sanitizer.


All in all, by following safety precautions, one must need positivity for self and similar spread to others. Don’t feel panic to hear the reports or infected data from news channels. Take the things in positive sense. Surely, we will win this fight if we follow the basis rules.


Now these days, we are in our homes under political pressure. But in future, we all need a healthier sense from our inner. The situation helps us to learn a lot. Nothing is hidden from our eyes. Even for our life several nurses, doctors, lab technicians, policemen and social workers lost their lives. The roles of these frontline heroes are really praiseworthy.

So, until we can’t get the relief from COVID-19, we have to continuously run this protective gear at the same pace. For our safety, ‘Hygiene’ is the major key factor to kick out this virus away from us. Everyone has to be shown maturity while dealing this current situation. It may be a long battle but we don’t have to get tired. The time is very near when we celebrate our victory over this deadly infected virus and we all can take a winner like feel in open and fresh air.


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