How to Start a Web-Hosting Business?

Reseller Hosting

Starting an internet hosting service is indeed an honest thought. This is a business that cannot be packed up easily, instead, it’ll increase day by day until the web exists within the world.

The research reports from “Global Web Hosting Services marketing research Report – Forecast to 2022” – says ” the world wide web hosting services market is predicted to grow approximately at $ 154 Billion by 2022 at approx. 16% of CAGR between 2016 to 2022.

This is excellent news to all or any the hosting providers or those that are getting to do so.

For starting the online hosting answer the subsequent questions:

1) Am I well educated about the industry?
2) Do I even have (or get) the online hosting experts?
As every web hosting company must provide 24/7 tech support to their customers. Every issue needs to be solved.
3) What is my budget? Can I hire some experts to help me with the business?
4) What departments shall I even have, like Tech support, sales, and billing

If you get the positive answers for many of the questions, then you’ll consider starting a replacement business and work consistent with it.

How to get started?

1) If you’re already an internet developer/designer and have a sufficient amount of client base, then reseller hosting is often your perfect choice. There are companies like Hostingmug, that provides you the 100% White label reseller hosting.

That means you do not need to buy a data center or do any setup for it. You can just buy reseller hosting from them, and sell some a part of your resources to your clients.

100% White label means, once you resell the hosting services taken from your provider for your clients, you’ll sell it under your own name. There won’t be any contact between your customer and your parent hosting provider.

Also, in reseller hosting, all the technical problems with your customers are going to be handled by your hosting provider. That means you’ll continue your developing work and may earn from the online hosting business too.

Reseller Hosting

2) If you do not want to urge reseller hosting and need your own independent business than follows below steps :

  • Define your web hosting brand – Get a website that matches your name.
  • Find out your targeted audience.
  • Tell people what’s a singular characteristic of your hosting company.
  • What kind of hosting services do you offer?
  • Find a dedicated Server Partner. As directly buying a knowledge center would cost you beyond your imaginations!
  • Setup your website and sales, support, billing departments.
  • Find the clients for your web hosting company.
  • Serve, grow and expand.

According to me, reseller hosting is often the simplest choice for getting started with the online hosting business. Later, you can expand it as much as you want.


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