Best Car Camera Review

Best Car Camera

The Bottom Line on Car Dash Cams

At the point when you start looking for a scramble cam, don’t be reluctant to move slowly. Run cams share such a large number of highlights for all intents and purposes that it very well may be difficult to parse out what makes everyone exceptional.

To give you a head start, we’ve investigated various cameras and picked six to suggest.

KDLINKS X1 tops our rundown because of highlights like programmed video recording, a wide field of view, and top quality video that gives you a chance to peruse a tag up to 50 feet away.

KDLINKS X1 Dash Cam: Best Overall

Standard Features

The KDLINKS X1 has all the standard highlights of a scramble cam, with HD video, 1080p goals, and a 2.7-inch screen. It begins recording when you turn on your vehicle, and the recording circles, eradicating more seasoned film. It has a wide point focal point that conveys a 165-degree field of view.

Extra Features

  • At just a half-inch thick, this Best car camera has a too thin plan.
  • The camera can pivot an entire 360 degrees, so you can turn the camera to record toward any path, which is incredible in the event that you need to record cooperation with somebody outside your vehicle.
  • The video playback programming incorporates a guide and course data for every video, so the watcher can see precisely where an episode happened.
  • The X1 accompanies an excellent lithium-particle battery intended to withstand extraordinary temperatures.
  • The memory card is incorporated with your buy.


The X1’s worked in accelerometer will secure your video recording in the event that it recognizes an accident, yet its affectability implies that hitting a pothole may likewise trigger the lockdown reaction.

We likewise wish you didn’t need to physically set the time, on the grounds that a programmed time stamp appears to be an element that should come standard with a GPS-empowered gadget.


  • High video quality
  • Slim plan
  • GPS video following


  • Sensitive crash sensor
  • Manual time setting


The KDLINKS X1 checks a ton of boxes for an extraordinary scramble camera: it has excellent video recording that can give you a chance to peruse tags 50 feet away, predominant night vision, extensive PC programming, and a little, circumspect structure.

There are a couple of highlights that you may need to change to make it work agreeable to you, yet in general, it’s a decent purchase.

Garmin Dash Cam 55: Best Features

Standard Features

The Garmin Dash Cam 55 accompanies all the standard highlights of a GPS-empowered scramble cam; however it’s littler than most at just 1.5 x 2.2 inches. It has 1440p video catch with a 122-degree field of view, with circled recording and crash recognition for programmed recording.

Extra Features

  • Traffic security admonitions will caution you when you get excessively near the individual before you or in the event that you begin to float out of your path.
  • The travel apse include gives you a chance to gather a long stumble into a brief, accelerated video cut that you can impart to loved ones.
  • Sharing video is simple with this HD run camera’s worked in Wi-Fi and VIRB application, which gives you a chance to fasten together video.
  • You can control your Garmin 55 utilizing just your voice: simply state “Alright, Garmin,” and afterward give an order like “Start recording” or “Snap a picture.”


The Garmin 55’s field of vision is smaller than other scramble cams, so you probably won’t get a decent perspective on what’s going on either side of your vehicle.

The traffic security admonitions can get irritating, particularly in unpredictable traffic, yet you can turn them off on the off chance that they trouble you.

This model has had a few issues with overheating, and it doesn’t do well in extraordinary temperatures.


  • Voice control
  • Travel apse photograph highlight
  • Wireless video sharing


  • Narrow seeing edge
  • Overheating issues


With regards to run cams, you need something that is easy to utilize while you’re driving and makes it simple to share video when you have to, and the Garmin Dash Cam 55 does both quite well.

It’s pricier than different models, yet its implicit Wi-Fi, sans hands controls, and fun Travel apse include legitimize the more significant expense tag.


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