3 Best and Effective Home Remedies for Fungal Infections

Home Remedies for Fungal Infections

With ongoing seasonal changes, the risk of contracting skin infections can be very high. In summer seasons, due to heat and pollution, people may face various skin related problems, one of which is a fungal infection. Fungal infection can cause symptoms like flaky skin, itching in the feet, thick yellow toenails, and red rashes or itching on skin. Fungal infection can occur on the face, scalp, hands, fingernails, toenails, and even on genitals. Fungal infections are caused by side effects of antibiotics, weak immune system, diabetes, pollution, sunlight, insufficient blood circulation.

Some people use many OTC creams or antifungal medications to overcome this problem, despite such otc products doesn’t guarantee a permanent cure and can even make the infection worse. Therefore, here are some easy yet effective home remedies that can overcome the problem of fungal infection in various body parts.

Home Remedies for Fungal Nail Infection

Fungal Nail Infection
Fungal Nail Infection

A fungal infection that mostly affects fingernails or toenails is called onychomycosis. Onychomycosis is generally caused by dermatophytes (a group of fungi) and yeasts. Dermatophytes mainly cause toenail infections, whereas yeasts such as candida are responsible for causing fingernail infection.

The warm and moist environment in, under or on the nail provides a favorable condition for fungi to thrive. Since, fungal infection on Toenail or fingernail develops over time, so any changes in the look and feel of your nail is too hard to notice in the initial phase. A group of fungi that cause athlete’s foot, jock itch and ringworm can also cause nail infections. So, here are few home remedies to treat nail fungus.

  • Borax powder and Baking soda: Boric acid (available as borax powder) and baking soda can kill all types of fungus including toenail fungus. Just mix some baking soda, borax powder and water and make a paste. Now, wash your feet and toenail and apply this mix to the affected area twice daily.
  • White Vinegar: White vinegar is the best remedy for toenail fungus. It will restore the skin ph level and also kill the infection. Mix 1 part of vinegar and 2 parts of lukewarm water. Soak the affected toenail for 10-15 minutes and repeat this procedure twice daily until you’re free from infection.
  • Oregano Oil: Oil of oregano contains antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic and antiviral properties. This makes it an effective treatment for toenail infection. Mix two drops of oregano oil in 1 teaspoon of olive oil and apply this mix to the affected area. Leave it for 20 minutes and repeat this daily once or twice.

Home Remedies for Fungal Infection on Face and Skin

Fungal infection on face
Fungal Infection on Face

Ringworm is one of the most common fungal infections, that in India alone more than 1 million cases are observed every year. Despite its name, it isn’t caused by worms; they are caused by types of fungi called Trichophyton, Epidermophyton, Microsporum. People most commonly get them on arms and the scalp, but it can also occur anywhere including your face. Luckily, ringworm responds well to home remedies. But do consult a dermatologist before using any home remedy.

  • Garlic: Make some garlic paste and mix it well with some coconut and olive oil. Apply the mixture to the affected area and leave it for an hour or so. Wash the area and wipe it dry. Use this remedy twice daily until the infection reduces.
  • Apple cider vinegar: Wipe the infection area with cotton balls soaked in neat (undiluted) apple cider vinegar three times a day for better outcomes.
  • Turmeric: Turmeric is another popular home remedy for ringworm. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial traits. To apply topically, make a paste of turmeric, water, and coconut oil. apply this mix on the affected area and leave it for 20 minutes before washing it off.

Home Remedy for Fungal Infection in Private Parts

Vaginal Yeast Infection

Home Remedies for Fungal Infection in Vagina

Yeast infection is a kind of fungal infection that causes pain, itching and vaginal discharge. Women are more vulnerable to genital yeast infection. Also, sometimes douching can cause vaginal infection by removing good bacteria from the vagina. The most common cause of vaginal infections in women is yeast known as candida Albicans. In most cases, women can successfully treat vaginal yeast infection at home with below home remedies.

  • Yogurt: Plain, Natural yogurt contains lactobacillus which helps the vagina to keeps disease-causing microbes in check and withstand harsh environmental conditions. Insert a scoop of yogurt by using your fingers. Make sure the yogurt does not contain any natural sweeteners.
  • Vaginal Suppositories: Vaginal suppositories are medicines that are inserted inside the vagina with the help of a special applicator. Since it enables the vagina to quickly absorb the drug, therefore, they work faster than any oral medication. In a recent study, it is found that they also offer anti-yeast infection properties similar to that of antifungal medicines. But, It is recommended to talk to your gynecologist before trying it.
  • Balanced Diet: Having a balanced diet boosts your body’s immune system, which helps the body to fight various infections. Enrich your diet with nutrient-rich vegetables (like green leafy and bell peppers) and fruits like (citrus fruits and berries) loaded with antioxidants and vitamin c.

Home Remedies for Fungal Infection on Testicles

Fungal Infection on Testicles
Jock Itch

Many times people have seen given up to the uncontrollable urge to rub their groin due to itchy rash. This itchy rash in the groin is commonly known as jock itch which occurs in the inner thighs, groin area, and buttocks. Jock itch is a very contagious infection and can be caused due to direct rubbing of skin on skin, trapped sweat due to tight undergarments or clothes, and excessive warmth and moisture in the groin area or inner thigh. Also, men are more likely to contract jock itch as compared to women. Many home remedies are available to manage this condition.

  • Aloe vera: Aloe vera can balance the skin’s pH level and has antiseptic properties. Aloe vera can provide relief from the burning sensation and itching. Extract the gel from aloe vera leaf and apply the gel on the affected area, make sure to properly clean the area before application. Apply this 2 or 3 times a day.
  • Rubbing alcohol: Rubbing alcohol contains isopropyl which has great healing and antimicrobial properties. Soak a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol and apply it to the affected area.
  • Onion: Onion has anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties which make it ideal for treating jock itch. Extract onion juice and with the help of cotton swab apply to the affected area and leave it for 30 minutes. The skin must be washed and properly dried later.

Final Note

I hope that the home remedies mentioned in this piece will help you out with common fungal infections discussed above. Though natural measures are good enough still if there is a necessity of taking medical help, there’s no harm in consulting with your physician to get rid of such infections permanently.

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