Master The Art of Tools Organized Ideas with these 7 Tips

Organize Your Tools Like a Pro

Technicians like mechanics and electricians are always looking for ideas to organize their tools. Most times, the simple reason is that they have to waste a lot of time finding the tool they are in need of. Hence, a lot of their time and productivity go in vain on a daily basis.

They say that an organized workshop is a happy workshop and we believe it. And if you have ever had to search through the shelves, containers, and drawers to find that little screwdriver, you know how irritating it. It simply implies that you must keep your tools organized so that whenever you are in need of one, you know where you will find it.

For many people, organizing tools can be a nightmare because they don’t even know where to begin. Regardless of your expertise, available space, and budget, you can still be able to organize your tools like a pro. Let’s find out how.

1. Get a Pegboard to Organize Your Tools

When you are working in your workshop, the most important thing that can help you save time and improve your productivity is finding the right tools at the right time. If you can find them, you may even miss a deadline that you had from your customer. A pegboard is a simpler option if you don’t want to have a full-fledged storage system.

You can use the pegboard to spread your tools across a wall so that everything is in your view and you can grab what you need without any hassle. You can customize the pegboard to store as many tools as you want.

2. Create a Wall Panel with Baskets and Containers

If you have been to modern workshops and basements, you might have seen the trend of open-concept storage. To avoid the hassle of keeping and finding their tools in the cabinets, technicians are interested in keeping their tools in open where they can easily see them and grab them.

On your blank wall, you can install a slat wall system that you might have seen in many stores. From hooks to hang tools to using storing items like bins, baskets, and containers, you can place all of them properly on the wall. Place your tools the way you want to on your wall easily.

3. Keep Your Hand Tools Using a PVC Pipe

You might have never thought of doing anything like this but this is not less than a bonus. You can use PVC pipes a number of ways to store your hand tools perfectly. If you don’t want to use a pegboard setup to store tools individually, hang PVC pipes on the walls.

All you need to do is cut PVC pipes at an angle to make them sit flush with the wall. To do so, you will need adhesive, screws or nails. And in some time, you will have an amazing screwdriver, blade, pliers, and tape measure holder.

4. Use Vertical Stripes to Hand Miscellaneous Tools

If you have ample vertical space in your workshop, you will never fall short of the space to keep your tools well organized. Tools that have been hidden from your eyes in some toolboxes are most probably to be lost or misplaced or you won’t ever use them and buy a new one instead.

Apart from slat boards and pegboards, you can use anchor hooks and vertical strips are popular options that you can go for. To hang smaller tools, you can even use a magnetic strip.

5. Make Use of Hose Tubing to Protect Saw Blades

Like most others, you might have also always thought that undersides of a pallet could only make it easy on forklifts to transport them. It is noteworthy that they are also excellent for providing the organizational potential for larger yard tools.

By securing pallet to your wall, you can place handles of the large tools on the backside of the pallet with the support on the back to help separate the tools. The front side won’t let the tools fall forward and you will be able to easily pull them out and keep them back. If you are good at artwork, you can also paint or design the pallet to fit the rest of your garage.

6. Mobile Workbench to Organize Commonly used Tools

Out of all your tools, there are always some that are more commonly used. And this is a struggle that any technician would want to overcome by hook or by crook when they are in the middle of a big project. Add a moving workbench to your mix when you can’t keep your tools in order.

To create this mobile workbench, you can add hanging storage for power tools and some space for storing air compressors and other large tools. You must go for building as much storage as you can so that the top remains clear for work.

7. Go for Foam-Filled Containers to Store Small Tools

Is it like you are looking for an option that fits your tools instead of your tools getting fitted into it? If so, then foam-filled containers are what can help. The foam fillers are generally used to insulate homes. You can also use it to build foam-filled containers.

You can fill the foam in tool chests, drawers, and other storage devices. Once you fill them, you can press the tools into the foam to make foam adjust the tools As a result; everything will have its space, stay in place and are protected from wear and tear.

If you have determined that you want to keep your workshop tidy and organized, you now have many ways to do so. Make sure to pick the best option for your needs.


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